On August 23, 2017, George Kersey was sentenced to 12 months in the Kansas Department of Corrections for violation of the Kansas Offender Registration Act (KORA). In January 2017, detectives with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office discovered Kersey had an active Facebook account which he had not registered with law enforcement as required by KORA.

Kersey is a registered sex offender as a result of previous convictions for attempted indecent liberties with a child and child abuse in Cherokee County in 2003. Kersey was also convicted of first degree statutory sodomy in Newton County, Missouri in 2004. KORA requires sex offenders to report to law enforcement any and all email addresses, online identities used by the offender on the internet, information relating to membership in any and all personal web pages or online social networks, and internet screen names. According to Cherokee County Attorney Jake Conard, Kersey attempted to conceal his social media presence from authorities by using the name Sherman Kersey.